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Mediocrity is self-inflicted.  Genius is self-bestowed. Walter Russell, The Man Who Tapped the Universe, University of Science and Philosophy.

I am not smarter, I just stay with problems longer.  Albert Einstein.

The customer is always right.  John Oberlin, Andrew Lewis High School, 1970.

Fear no one; respect everyone.  Chinese fortune cookie, Moses Moore, April 3, 2003.

Andrew Carnegie promised a million dollars to Charles Schwab if he could teach him how to succeed.  Schwab gave him this instruction: Start each day by deciding what the most important thing you can do today.  Then do it.  Carnegie gladly paid Schwab.

I shall see and seek the good in all men.   Benjamin Franklin.

Make others happy and they will make you rich.
  J. C. Penney.

Sugar draws more flies than vinegar. 
Professor Marsh, Virginia Tech 1973.

It is not what you say that matters so much; it is how you say what you say.

The 80-20 Rule applies in many areas of life. We spend 80% or our effort on that which is only 20% relevant and 20% on that which is worth 80%.  Of endeavors, 80% go fine, 20% will give us problems; 80% of the customers, patients, residents, clients… are satisfied, pay on time, make work enjoyable; 20% are dissatisfied, do not pay, complain.  With this knowledge, we can focus our attention on that which is worth 80%, that which deserves our life energies.

Not talking is often much more effective than talking. 
Charles B. Walker, 1984.

As you think, so you are.
If you must tell someone one thing negative, precede it with two things positive.  Sarah-Tyler Moore, Summer 2002.


Sometimes the best action is nonaction.  Tao 2500 B. C.

He who does not know, talks.  He who knows does not talk.
  Tao 2500 B. C.

When faced with a decision, remember there are four choices:  My way.  Your way. Our way. And the right Way (God’s Way).  Pastor Rick Elmore, Cave Spring Baptist Church. 1998.

What you do or say affects the Universe eternally.  The snap of two fingers reverberates infinitely through the Universe.  Movement of a star in a distant galaxy can cause a leaf to fall beside you on this rock called Earth.

Trying to understand the Infinite with this mere brain is like trying to swallow the seven oceans with this mere stomach.

Before even beginning to talk to someone with a problem, listen, then listen again, then ask if they have anything else to say, then ask if they have said everything they had to say. Then you can talk and be heard.  William C. Cranwell’s father on dealing with a manager who was so angry he wanted to quit.

Hydrogen, a light, colorless, odorless gas, if given enough time, turns into people.

A faint heart never made out with the landlady.   If you do not ask, it will not happen.  C. Richard Cranwell’s father.

Literal followers of the Holy Bible fast.  Christopher Moore, 2003.

No one ever wished on their deathbed that they had spent more time at the office.
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